Gallery #140

This month’s issue was subject to the theme of ATTRACTION.

I must admit, my brainstorming time for this piece took twice as long as usual. I was stumped for inspiration, but eventually found my grounding to the thing I’m attracted to most; home.

In this month’s issue, I discuss the attraction of Jersey, my safe place, my home. I’ve so far had some lovely feedback on the piece, so I’d love to know what you think too!

Be sure to have a flick through and read the brilliant articles featured in the issue.

Gallery #139

This issue of Gallery was created around the theme ‘EAT’.

Now, when I think of EAT, I think of indulging in food, enjoying the unhealthy things in life and experiencing new things. What my article looked at, however, was how our relationship with eating can have a detrimental effect.

In this month’s issue, I investigated how calorie and macro counting has become a new craze of weight loss management in children and teens, and what we need to do to prevent our relationship with food and fitness causing us anxiety and low self esteem.

Check out the piece here, and be sure to have a flick through and read all the other great articles contributed to this exciting issue.

Change What You Refuse to Accept.

“We are mothers. We are caregivers. We are artists. We are activists. We are entrepreneurs, doctors, leaders of industry and technology. Our potential is unlimited. We rise.” – Alicia Keys, Women’s March 2017

From a young age I was told ‘boys will be boys’, and that acting and dressing in a certain way was not ‘ladylike’ and would make people treat me with less respect. I then realised that’s bullshit, and that I am free to say, do, think and wear whatever I want. Period.

It’s come to my attention as I have grown older, that being a feminist woman puts me in a box. I apparently hate men, demand equality but do not actually support it, and am ‘rabid’ and ‘nazi like’ when discussing my views on the matter. I was reluctant even now to make this post through fear I would be subject to labels and misconceptions, because of how people view feminists.

The main misconception concerning what feminism is revolves around the idea that being a feminist means you hate men and want more power than them. In reality, feminism is about making sure that women have equal rights. Those rights include rights over their bodies, equal pay, social opportunities, and political representation.

The Women’s Marches that occurred around the world last week embodied, to me, what it is to fight for equality. The mission statement of the organisation who started them reads;

“This march is the first step towards unifying our communities, grounded in new relationships, to create change from the grassroots level up. We will not rest until women have parity and equity at all levels of leadership in society.”

Many men came out in force alongside the women marching, which was humbling to see. Others may not have agreed with the march itself but backed the message behind it. Then of course, there were those who thought the whole thing was a giant middle finger to anyone who doesn’t have a vagina.

One of those people was Piers Morgan , who’s response to the Women’s Marches that took place around the globe a few weeks ago was that he was going to start a “Men’s March”, protesting the “creeping global emasculation of my gender by rabid feminists.” Not that anything Piers Morgan says is worth wasting time or energy on, but his small-minded response struck a chord with me.

The fact of the matter is, no matter what generation you’re from, we are living in a time where possibilities and opportunities to effect change are everywhere. A time of struggle offers the opportunity for a time of unity. To come together and make it through the bad times. I am privileged enough to live in a place where my rights are still intact and I am not being dictated to by a wotsit with a bad toupee. But I know that too many little girls, who might not fully understand what it is going on, are worried about what will happen next.

I hope we can make this a part of history we look back on and say ‘thank god we made things right’, before any more little girls have to fear for her future.





Gallery #137

The first 2017 issue of Gallery is now live! A great way to start the new year, looking at present and future possibilities of who rules our world.

In this issue, I took a look at Noam Chomsky’s new book “Who Rules the World?” and had a very serious chat about what we as a society must do to better our world. On the flip side, I also took a look at the world’s top food manufacturers, the up and coming ones, and some great little local Jersey based food businesses who are new on the block here.

Take a look at the magazine here!

Radio Documentary

Social media is the quickest and most effective way to communicate in our world. It is so effective in fact, that it has become children’s main and sometimes only form of communication and interaction. But what impact is this having on their psychological state?

This is a short documentary I spent 2 months creating as part of a university assignment, investigating that very question.


This is strange.

Starting a new blog feels like starting a new journal, but instead of hiding it under your mattress you publish it on the world-wide web for everyone to see.

My name is Ria, and I’m creating this space to make a home for my writing. Now, I must stress that my writing is still very much in the beta stage of its life. It’s a bit haphazard, sometimes rambly, and nearly always far too personal. But my writing reflects me right now, so as I change, it will change. That’s the beauty of it.

My work is very important to me. Studying Multimedia Journalism and working freelance for a magazine has taught me a lot about self-control, stylisation and learning to furiously spell check everything. Honestly, the embarrassing emails having to admit I’ve made a very simple but stupid typo because the excitement of submitting my work has gotten too much MUST stop.

This section of the blog will be dedicated to all things work related, if you hadn’t already guessed by the title. I wanted to create a space separate to my more personal and light-hearted posts, to show what work I’m doing both in and outside of my studies.

To me, publishing your writing in any way possible is the best way to get over that gut wrenching fear that somebody is going to be able to read your stream of conscious. The irony of wanting to be a writer is that as much as you want to share your work, and receive feedback, you are also filled with a genuine fear that releasing your words will only be negative and nobody will ever respect you again because you are awful.

It’s a cruel back and forth between your confidence and your fear, but hopefully this section of my home for word will help me overcome that.

Fingers crossed.

Gallery #136

The final issue of 2016 has the very fitting theme of ‘Reflective’.

Here we take a look back, with loads of features based around everyone’s interpretation of reflection.

A really great way to end this fantastic year of opportunities for me, I’m so glad to be working with the Gallery team and am excited to see what 2017 will bring.

Take a look at the issue below, or click here 




Gallery #135

I give you, the Bright issue.

This month Gallery explored the all things bright and manly, and I took the opportunity to discuss the not so bright and grossly manly, Donald Trump. To be taken with a pinch of salt, I hope you enjoy it.

There are also, as always, some other really great content from some great contributors so be sure to take a read of their great work.

Have a look at the issue below, or click here 

Gallery #134

Here we have the ‘Collective issue’ of Gallery magazine.

This month I wrote a food feature on our collective eating habits, and what we need to STOP doing during them.

Some really great work went into this issue, and as always it was a pleasure to work for Gallery.

Take a look at the issue below, or click here