Life in Lockdown: It’s ok not to be ok

You don’t have to be productive during lockdown to prove you’re ok. Because during a global pandemic, one our generation…

Life has changed dramatically around the world recently, and suddenly we all have a lot more time on our hands to worry about how productive we're being. But it's ok not to be ok.

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What 2019 Taught Me

Congratulations! You made it through the first full week of 2020. The decorations are down, the sober January promises have…

More often than not, it's the low points and bad times that teach us the most. So I wanted to steer away from a highlight reel, and reflect on what 2019 taught me. And what lessons I plan on taking with me into 2020.

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The Pressure to Be Body Positive

DO YOU LOVE YOUR BODY? When I was 13, I remember looking at my body in a judgemental way. I…

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The Power of Female Friendships

The saying goes, ‘men are from mars and women are from venus’. In other words, we work in opposite ways.…

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Why I Took A Break

It’s not you, it’s me.  My heart just hasn’t been in it these past few months, and I needed to…

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