This is strange.

Starting a new blog feels like starting a new journal, but instead of hiding it under your mattress you publish it on the world-wide web for everyone to see.

My name is Ria, and I’m creating this space to make a home for my writing. Now, I must stress that my writing is still very much in the beta stage of its life. It’s a bit haphazard, sometimes rambly, and nearly always far too personal. But my writing reflects me right now, so as I change, it will change. That’s the beauty of it.

My work is very important to me. Studying Multimedia Journalism and working freelance for a magazine has taught me a lot about self-control, stylisation and learning to furiously spell check everything. Honestly, the embarrassing emails having to admit I’ve made a very simple but stupid typo because the excitement of submitting my work has gotten too much MUST stop.

This section of the blog will be dedicated to all things work related, if you hadn’t already guessed by the title. I wanted to create a space separate to my more personal and light-hearted posts, to show what work I’m doing both in and outside of my studies.

To me, publishing your writing in any way possible is the best way to get over that gut wrenching fear that somebody is going to be able to read your stream of conscious. The irony of wanting to be a writer is that as much as you want to share your work, and receive feedback, you are also filled with a genuine fear that releasing your words will only be negative and nobody will ever respect you again because you are awful.

It’s a cruel back and forth between your confidence and your fear, but hopefully this section of my home for word will help me overcome that.

Fingers crossed.


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